Split BCH

BitcoinCash Splitting Tool. How to safely split BCH and BCHA coins

Warning: Use this tool at your own risk! This is an automated tool. There is no tech support to help you if you use it incorrectly.

This tool requires that you have BCH or BCHA stored to a paper wallet, or otherwise have the WIF private key for the address. Instructions on how to use this tool are available at the bottom of this page.

This tool is not free. It charges 0.0004 BCH (about $0.10 USD) or 1% of the BCH on the paper wallet, whichever is greater.

Instructions: How to Split BCH and BCHA

1. Create a new wallet in the "Wallet" tab, copy the address and send all of your BCH to yourself. Wait 6 confirmations and Check your BCH - BCHA balance. This means your coins are split. Now you are ready to access your BCHA.

2. Just import your Bitcoin Cash wallet and the split will be done automatically.

In order to use this tool, you must have a paper wallet (or private key) holding BCH. This tool will help you split your BCH and BCHA coins.

This video explains how to work with paper wallets. It shows how to create them, how to send funds to them, and how to retrieve funds from them.